Gift Bricks® Replicas for Donor Recognition Fundraising

Many donor organizations like to provide a commemorative keepsake for their donors. Gift Bricks® offers mini brick replicas, full size brick replicas and replica tiles for this purpose. These can be engraved using an exact copy of the donor’s engraved brick or as a general “thank you for your donation” copy with your organization's logo. They can be a full size duplicate of the brick or tile, or a miniature size version of the original engraving. Once engraved, Gift Bricks® can also simplify your replica distribution with our convenient mailing services.

Besides the bricks and tiles we can also engrave replicas on glass, marble, granite, brick tile, wood, glass, acrylic, and other materials. Replica wood bases or acrylic cases can also be ordered to enhance your donor’s replica display. FREE samples are available.

Gift Bricks® replicas are reasonably priced. You can save even more when you order replicas with the same engraved logo or text.

Give the Gift Bricks® sales department a call at 1-800-537-5579 and see how reasonable brick replicas can be. We are ready to create one for you.

Explore the Gift Bricks® replicas gallery to see examples of the various sizes and shapes we have to offer.

Replica with Brass Plate

Engraved, Laserblasted Brick Replica