Veterans Brick Fundraising by Gift Bricks®

Gift Bricks® has been providing veteran organizations with engraved veteran’s memorial bricks successfully since 1983. Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been raised through innovative veterans donor memorial displays. Gift Bricks® helps you with planning, choosing materials, and guidance for installation of your donor memorials.

The most successful veteran memorial programs have included: engraved brick walkways, veterans memorial gardens, and veterans memory walls. Gift Bricks® knows what will work, and can lead your veteran organization towards your fundraising goals.


Veteran Brick Fundraising Step by Step

We offer this FREE of charge to our veteran fundraiser organizations.

Gift Bricks® provides the experience you will need for your veteran brick fundraiser. We will guide you step by step in the following areas:

  1. developing a fundraising plan
  2. assisting you with marketing materials
  3. guidance in carrying out your fundraising efforts
  4. providing methods for installing your donor veteran brick or tiles
  5. and strategies to success with ongoing donor programs.

We can also breathe new life into any existing veteran’s memorial program.

Gift Bricks® staff will be happy to work with you in developing new strategies to bring your veteran donor program to life. Call Gift Bricks® today to discuss how we can help you achieve your fundraising program goals.

Engraved Brick Veterans Memorial

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