Gift Bricks® Address Stones

Gift Bricks®, a division of Creative Brick and Concrete, has been engraving address stones and markers since 1979. We engrave on all types of natural hardscape materials, including: clay bricks, concrete pavers, granite pavers, granite boulders, garden stones, and limestone slabs.

Standard Address Stone Specifications

Our most popular engraved address stone markers are created from gray limestone blocks. The size of the engraved letters, numbers, or characters depends on the number of characters used. We always try to "fill" the block with the engraved character and border.

The engraved characters can be recessed or will be raised and sandblasted to a depth of ½ inch (can vary with engraved material). After engraving, the characters can be left natural, or painted. The numbers, border, and recessed areas are painted with a black or brown long-lasting paint-stain. (Other paint stain colors are also available.)

Gift Bricks® address stone standard sizes include: 5x16, 6x16, 8x16, and 9x16. The limestone blocks bed depth is approximately 2.25 inches. There is an optional depth of 1.5 inches for a slight additional cost. Custom size stones are also available.

Whatever address stone size is required, Gift Bricks® can engrave it. Gift Bricks® can ship many address markers via UPS or USPS within 48 hours from receipt of order. Please see our address stone examples below. We are ready to help you find the perfect stone for your project.

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Explore the Gift Bricks® address stone gallery to see examples of the various sizes and shapes we have to offer.

Engraved Address Stone on House

Engraved Address Stone Marker With Recessed Lettering