How to Install Engraved Bricks for
Donor Recognition by Gift Bricks®

The parent company of Gift Bricks®, Creative Brick & Concrete, is a full service brick and paver installation company with over 30 years experience. Creative Brick installs residential and commercial bricks and pavers throughout Southeastern Wisconsin. Gift Bricks® and Creative Brick and Concrete are here to help!

Gift Bricks® has the knowledge and background you need to make your brick installation a success. We will help you pick the best brick paver materials for your install area and purpose, along with the proper substrate materials for the base.

Our simple to follow guides for brick installation will also show you how to remove blank bricks on established surfaces when you are replacing them with newly engraved bricks.


For donor organizations located outside of our local area, Gift Bricks® offers a FREE Engraved Brick Installation Do-It-Yourself Guide with step by step instructions. You will discover how to save money by utilizing volunteers in lieu of hiring someone. Gift Bricks® has simple, precise, step by step instructions that will help you establish a great installation.
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Gift Bricks® installation of engraved bricks