Raise Money for Your School with Gift Bricks®

Gift Bricks® engraved bricks and personalized tiles for school fundraisers are a proven success. Whether your school fundraising efforts are for day care, preschool, parochial, private, grade school, middle school or high school, Gift Bricks® can help you accomplish your fundraising goals. We can help you develop and carry out an engraved brick or tile campaign.

School fundraising has become a necessity for many schools. Gift Bricks® is here to help you with a fun solution. Our innovative step by step engraved brick and personalized tile displays can help you, while recognizing your donors. We help you choose the best engraving materials, help you with promotional planning, and provide guidance through installations.

Brick fundraisers are a great way to thank donors and to memorialize family and friends. This provides with money you need for your programs and beautify your grounds, floors, or walls. Gift Bricks® has helped many school groups which include: school sports team fundraisers, booster club fundraisers, PTA and PTSO fundraisers, band fundraisers, special recognition programs, and many more.

Give Gift Bricks® a call today, and discover why more schools choose Gift Bricks® for their fundraising programs.