Engraved Personalized Tile Gift Bricks®

Gift Bricks® encourages the use of engraved personalized tiles for donor recognition. Engraved tiles by Gift Bricks® can be featured on donor walls, or donor floor displays indoors or outdoors. Choose from one of the largest variety of tile materials sizes offered in the USA. We provide flexibility with design and application for your project. We encourage using more than one tile size to help you increase your donations.

Our favorite tile engraving material choices include: quarry brick tiles, vibrantly colored glazed tiles, and softly colored porcelain tiles. Some personalized tiles even look like granite stone products. You can combine tile sizes and colors to create a donor tile wall that represents different donor levels of giving.

We provide the guidance from concept to completion for your donor wall installation. We know how important your display is and want you to be proud of it for years to come.

Explore the Gift Bricks® donor tile material pages to see examples of personalized tiles.

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Gift Bricks® Large Donor Panel Tiles of Acrylic Material

Engraved Tiles Glazed 4x8