Engraved Brick & Tile Methods
of Engraving by Gift Bricks®

Gift Bricks® offers engraving methods in creating donor recognition products. These methods used include industrial sandblasting and laserblasting. Our blasting materials are recycled, allowing us to keep our systems environmentally friendly.

Four Gift Bricks® Styles of Engraving

  1. Engraved and Epoxy Fill -
    Gift Bricks® first sandblasts materials. The engraved characters are then hand filled with our exclusive epoxy fill.  This fill prevents dirt and debris from entering the engraved cavity. It also prevents chipping of the letters when people walk on them with stones on the bottom of their shoes or heels. A Gift Bricks® Lifetime Warranty is included with this style of engraving.
  2. Laserblasting -
    The laser engraved - laserblasted method of engraving is when the surface of the material is blasted with a laser. The laser burns the surface and then forms the engraved letters & artwork.  The letters & artwork are engraved a raven black. This method of engraving is limited to ceramic clay brick and tile materials. Clay brick sizes include: 2x4 and 4x4 mini bricks, 4x8 and 8x8 brick pavers and tiles. A Gift Bricks® Lifetime Warranty is included with this style of engraving.
  3. Engraved and Painted -
    This engraving method is accomplished by sandblasting the letters or artwork, and filling the cavity with a paint-stain. This can be done on clay, concrete, granite, Corian®, Romanite, and other materials. This method of engraving looks great on memorial donor walls, granite, and other materials. We guarantee a crisp clean engraving with this method. Warranty does not apply to this style of engraving.
  4. Engraved Only -
    Letters and artwork are sandblasted, and the engraving is cleaned out. This engraving is natural and does not have anything applied to the letters. This is the most economical method of engraving. We guarantee a crisp clean engraving when you receive your product. Warranty does not apply to this method of engraving.


Our Gift Bricks® sales staff is ready to answer your questions on engraving. They will help you choose the best engraving style for your donor recognition program materials.

engraved brick with epoxy fill

laserblasted laser engraved brick

engraved & painted bricks

engrave only brick tile