OPTI-PAVERS, a Profitable Way for Fundraising Bricks

Engraved Opti-Pavers take brick fundraising to a new level in profit. Opti-Pavers are an engraved brick product which looks like several single bricks. Opti-pavers are easier to install, because fewer bricks are needed to cover a large area, yet give you greater profits for your brick fundraising efforts. They are reasonably priced to save you money on your brick engraving.

Gift Bricks® combines several engraved names on the same paver. The donor names are separated by a break line to create the appearance of individual pavers. Just look and see how beautiful these pavers really are.

Opti-Pavers are available in 12x12, 18x18 and 24x24 configurations. The 12x12 paver has space for up to 6 donor names and 15 characters per line. The 18x18 paver has allowance for up to 8 donors and 17 characters per line. The 24x24 paver configuration allows up to 18 engraved names and 17 characters per line.

The reasonable cost of our Opti-Paver bricks will provide many organizations a chance to start or expand their brick engraving programs. Gift Bricks® staff is ready to help you with design ideas, and to see just how much you can raise using this great new brick product.

Opti-Paver Engraved Tan Arch Paver

24x24 Opti-Paver Engraved Concrete