Personalized Donor Recognition Walls by Gift Bricks®

Gift Bricks® has been # 1 in donor recognition walls since 1983. We continue to lead donor groups with many diverse engraved fundraising products. Personalized donor walls are our specialty.

Donor displays can be created out of engraved brick tiles, porcelain tiles, granite tiles, etched brass plates, glass, acrylic, Corian®, Romanite, and other engraving materials.

Donor recognition walls can be personalized by Gift Bricks® to suit any purpose. Our staff can provide you with fun and easy plans. Gift Bricks® will create a simulation of donor recognition displays for you.

When you are ready to get started, Gift Bricks® will be there to help.

Explore the Gift Bricks® personalized donor recognition wall gallery to see examples of facebrick walls, porcelain donor walls, and engraved granite walls.

Personalized Tile Wall Glazed