Personalized Award Plaques for Donor Recognition

Gift Bricks® offers a wide diversity of engraved donor recognition award plaques. Our engraved plaque materials include: bronze, aluminum, brass, porcelain ceramic, Corian®, Romanite, wood, and glass. Award plaque sizes are available to suit most any purpose.

The Gift Bricks® line of award plaques allows us to personalize every plaque with text, original artwork and logos.

Gift Bricks® staff will help you choose the best material for your donor recognition award. Depending upon the material you will have choices to make in regards to material, border, background, font, and design. Prior to engraving, casting or etching, the graphics professionals at Gift Bricks® will provide you with simulation proofs for your approval.

When you are ready, our Gift Bricks® staff is eager to help you find just the right donor award plaque, at the right price. Give us a call for ideas, and material availability.

Be sure to check out our personalized plaques in the photo gallery.

Wall of Engraved Bronze Plaques

Marble Engraved Donor Plaque With Gold Paint