Engraved Brick & Tile Paint-Stain Colors

For our engrave only bricks, personalized engraved tiles, and other engraved & painted donor recognition products, Gift Bricks® applies only durable, weather compatible paints and paint-stains. Our color products include the finest available to the engraved monument industry.

After engraving, Gift Bricks® cleans the engraved areas of the brick or etched tiles thoroughly. We then carefully apply your chosen paint color in several layers. From our experience as an engraving company, we have found that this ensures the strongest bond between the engraved brick or tile and the paint. We also apply a clear coat on some materials to increase longevity.

The most popular color choices we currently offer to our engraved product customers. (Please call for availability, as selections may change.)


*Special Paint Color Notice: Paint colors may vary from what is shown. Colors here are just representations. Gift Bricks® offers FREE Samples of your engraved products. This way you can be assured you have the right mix of materials for your project.

personalized quarry tile painted

engraved white porcelain tile painted

engraved tile painted

engraved acrylic material gold paint

engraved personalized tile gray painted