How to Get Started

Since 1983 Gift Bricks® has successfully helped many organizations raise money for their fundraising programs. Our expert staff will guide you along the way to bring your project to a successful completion. What follows is a simplified version of the steps to success Gift Bricks® program.

  1. Determine a timeline for your project completion. The more lead time available, the more sales potential there could be.
  2. Determine the size of the area to be paved, tiled or created. With this information you can decide on the design, sizes of the bricks, pavers, tiles that you will have available for donors. This also shows you how much revenue your project will generate. Visit our Engraved Bricks page to see more information about the options that are available for you to choose.
  3. The Gift Bricks® sales team will help you determine how much verbiage can then be engraved on the engraved materials you choose.
  4. The Gift Bricks® Graphics Department will help you with the preparation of your marketing materials. Our team is here to guide you to a successful campaign and we have the creative expertise to help you with these items.
  5. Prepare your orders for Gift Bricks® engraving. The format is simple, and Gift Bricks® will provide you with the proper way to order, tips about inscriptions, and a note about bricks.
  6. Make arrangements for the installation once your engraved products are received.
  7. Plan for a celebration of the installation for donor appreciation. We even offer Brick Replicas that can be given to donors.
  8. Plan for future sales and acquisitions.

Gift Bricks® Veterans River Walk Engraved Bricks