Free Online Ordering Website

Gift Bricks® launched our FREE online ordering website. It is simple, easy to use and allows you to track and monitor your sales.

  • Our websites are customizable
  • Your donor will see a preview of their brick before paying for it
  • It will not allow your donor to exceed the number of characters allowed per line
  • They can pay with their PayPal account, a credit card, or print a receipt and mail you a check

This includes a one-page website where donors can order a brick, see a preview of their brick, and pay with a credit card or your donors can create the order then print and mail in payment. This is hooked up to a PayPal account your organization has. This way all monies run through your account. Gift Bricks® will provide a secure login and password to the website so your organization can view the orders already placed, add, and change orders. When you are ready, you can submit your order to Gift Bricks® in just one click of the mouse.

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Online Ordering

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