Engraved Facebrick Materials by Gift Bricks® for Donor Memorial Programs

Gift Bricks® engraved facebrick materials offer donor recognition building in a unique way. Facebrick materials allow the donor organization the capability of engraving a brick that goes into a permanent wall or building construction. This permanent donor recognition offers you a unique way to honor donors.

Gift Bricks® has the capability of offering different facebrick surfaces with a variety of engraved brick styles. Facebricks can be laser engraved with laserblasting the surface, engraved brick with epoxy fill, engraved and paint infill, or engraved only.

The facebrick size and color vary with manufacturer. The Gift Bricks® professional sales staff will help you find a suitable brick material for your intended purpose. There are some examples shown on our facebrick products page.

Explore the Gift Bricks® donor brick material pages to see examples of personalized bricks, and engraved pavers.

Gift Bricks Engraved Face Bricks Photo

Gift Bricks Engraved Face Bricks Photo