Gift Bricks® Corian® and Romanite Engraved Tile Material for Donor Recognition Displays

Gift Bricks® can engrave Corian® tile and engrave Romanite tile, personalized your donor program. These acrylic tile materials perform well when you position your donor displays indoors or outdoors. The surface of these engraved tiles is normally smooth, but they can also be ordered with a slight polish. These tiles look great as either solid or speckled colors. Engraved speckled tile colors provide the added dimension of granite look alike appearance.

Romanite and Corian® personalized tiles can be ordered as engrave only, engraved and painted, or engraved and epoxy filled. Visit our engraving methods page to learn more about the options that are available to help choose the best one for your project. When you order engraved tiles with our epoxy fill, they come with our Gift Bricks® Lifetime Warranty. The acrylic materials weather well inside or out.

Gift Bricks® can cut your engraved tile donor pieces in standard sizes of 4x8, 8x8, and 12x12. Larger and smaller sizes can be custom ordered to fit your donor recognition display design.

Romanite tile and Corian® personalized tile can be combined with a variety of tile combinations not available with any other tile material. Your donor recognition display will have elegance and beauty from top to bottom.

The Gift Bricks® professional sales staff is ready to help you find just the right design for your donor tile program.

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Gift Bricks Engraved Romanite Tile Photo

Gift Bricks Engraved Personal Quarry Tile Photo