Engraved Porcelain Tile Materials Personalized for Donor Walls by Gift Bricks®

Gift Bricks® engraved porcelain tiles come in the largest variety of tile colors and textures. Porcelain tile material is very versatile and can be displayed on walls, indoors, outdoors and even on the floor indoors.

Gift Bricks® porcelain tiles are offered in soft pastel colors and some color tile hues. This makes them an ideal personalized tile. Porcelain tiles are available in more sizes than any other engraved tiles. You can order a large variety of color tiles in sizes: 4x8, 8x8, and 12x12. Your design can have a variety of sizes to represent different donation levels.

Engraved tiles made from porcelain maintain a durability that is comparable to granite tiles.

Our Gift Bricks® staff is ready to provide you with FREE Samples of your chosen tile material. We want to be sure that the tile you choose is perfect for your donor program.

Check out the wide variety of colors we have available for porcelain tile materials.

Other engraved tile materials that are available include: quarry, glazed, granite, Romanite, and glass tile materials.

Be sure to check out our other engraved tile materials, including fire glazed, granite, and quarry.

Gift Bricks Engraved Personal Porcelain Tile Photo

Gift Bricks Engraved Personal Porcelain Tile Photo