Engraved Quarry Tile Materials for Donor Recognition by Gift Bricks®

Quarry engraved tiles by Gift Bricks® offer a cool mix or match alternative to engraved bricks. Quarry tiles look like bricks, but are only half an inch on average. This makes them an ideal personalized tile choice for donor recognition wall memorials. Quarry brick tiles are strong and durable, so they can also be used in many flooring applications.

The most popular quarry tile colors include: red, brown, tan, ivory, and gray. Quarry tiles come in 4x8 and 8x8 sizes.

Combine both tile sizes to create an engraved tile donor display that features different levels of giving.

Other engraved tile materials that are available include: porcelain, glazed, granite, and Romanite.


Be sure to check out our other engraved tile materials, including fire glazed, granite, and Romanite.

Gift Bricks Engraved Personal Quarry Tile Photo

Gift Bricks Engraved Personal Quarry Tile Photo